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5 reasons for obtaining your (ISC)2 CCSP certification

More and more, organizations are migrating over to the cloud for data security and infrastructure solutions, largely for its ability to be scalable, allow for rapid deployment, and to help empower employees and users in maintaining a secure and efficient environment in which to operate.

IT and cloud security professionals who acquire The Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification are able to bring an advanced understanding of architecture, infrastructure, models for deployment, and managing risks critical to today’s data ecosystem.

The requirements for CCSP certification includes at least five years of experience in the Information Technology space, which needs to include a minimum of a year in working with the six domains of the CCSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK).

Those who can benefit most from CCSP certification includes:

  • Enterprise Architects
  • Security Administrators
  • Systems Engineers
  • Security Architects
  • Security Consultants
  • Security Engineers
  • Security Managers
  • Systems Architects

CCSP is becoming the must-have for experts and we’ve compiled five of the great reasons why earning your CCSP certification is the right move for your career.

5. Compliance with data privacy regulations

With the growing implementation of regulatory compliance standards both regionally and internationally, the need to ensure adherence to regulations like GDPR, CUI, CCPA, and HIPAA means embracing CCSP certification to give you the power to effectively manage those requirements within the cloud that are applicable to your industry and users.

4. Flexibility and scalability with emerging technologies

The nature of the cloud requires that cybersecurity experts be equally flexible, understanding the specific challenges, needs, and possibilities of approaching data protection.

CCSP certification gives you the skills to operate within a Zero Trust framework, gaining a granular control over security within the cloud and the threats unique to it. This includes growing technologies such as microservices and containerization.

3. Adapt to the needs of the business, not the limits of the technology

Just as scalability is critical for the technology, it’s only as valuable as it is to meet the requirements of business services and in a language more easily interpretable across organizational roles and people.

2. Global recognition & credibility

CCSP certification enables you to earn the highest credential as an expert in cloud security.

You’re on the forefront of the latest technologies, threats, and mitigation strategies.

You get to work on various cloud platforms and work in a truly global ecosystem. The advanced level of proficiency gained positions you well in the industry for career advancement.

1. Higher earning potential

Those with CCSP certification have an annual average salary of $100,800 USD, according to an analysis of salary reporting from a number of major U.S. cities conducted at Glassdoor.

Comparatively, a CISSP salary can range between $80,540 for an Information Security Analyst and $110,451 for a Security Architect, according to a study by PayScale.

With the increasing move to cloud technology, CCSPs will continue to be in demand.

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