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Is cloud security the right career path for you?

IT Security continues to be a quickly evolving and growing industry. Cloud security in particular has become a hot space for opportunities and career growth.

We recently posted about the high earning potential for Certified Cloud Security Professionals (CCSPs), which is just an example of how cloud security experts continue to be in high demand.

While there are practical reasons to pursue a career in cloud, it’s also important to know what’s required of cloud security experts, including both soft and technical skills.

Let’s take a look at both.

What you need as a cloud security expert

As a cloud security expert, you have:

  • A familiarity with related and connected technologies and IT roles
  • A genuine passion for cloud and cyber security
  • Demonstrated problem-solving abilities
  • An ability to be a high-performer with strong cognitive skills
  • A dedication for ongoing learning and skills development

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As a cloud security professional, your knowledge is brought forth through your eagerness to be a self-starter and in being proactive by anticipating potential issues and solutions to existing and emerging security threats and data security issues.

Key skills to have…and what you will learn

Cloud security experts are responsible for tackling tactical, strategic, and operational requirements.

Here are just a few of what you will offer and learn in your cloud security career for each of these key areas:

Tactical requirements

  • User access and authentication management
  • Protection of data in transition and at rest
  • File protection
  • Network and IT infrastructure security
  • Network monitoring
  • Business scalability and threat recovery

Strategic requirements

  • Risk assessment and management
  • Integration of new cloud services
  • Defining guidelines and requirements for cloud security
  • Defining requirements for maintaining security governance, including regulation adherence

Operational requirements

  • Threat and recovery contingency strategies
  • Managing incidents
  • Monitoring vulnerabilities and managing patches
  • Ensuring protection of the ecosystem
  • Ensuring stable system integrity

In addition to ongoing education, you will want to immerse yourself in the cloud and cyber security community, whether through blogs, webinars, podcasts, or in attending events and getting to meet and interact with your peers.

Choosing a certification

There are many domains within the cloud security space, so choosing which is best for you should align with what you enjoy most about cybersecurity, where you see your career heading towards, and what meets with your desired salary goals.

Certified Cloud Security Professionals (CCSPs) are increasingly in demand. Becoming a CCSP is ideal for those looking into working in system architecture, security administrators, consultants, managers, or engineers.

Whatever path you choose, the start of a successful career in cloud security begins with the right training.

How Intrinsec can help you kickstart your cloud security career

As leaders in cybersecurity and cloud security training, we work with students across the globe in preparing them for certification for high-demand experts like CCSPs and CCSKs, whether through live or on-demand courses that include exam preparation materials, resources, and hands-on support at every step of the way.

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