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Why membership with the Cloud Security Alliance matters

As a cloud security training provider, we offer courses from the leading organizations dealing in cloud security certification best practices including ISC(2), CompTIA, EC-Council, and ISACA.

We’re also proud to offer courses by the world’s leading organization promoting cloud security best practices, education and awareness: the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

Let’s take a look at the CSA and why membership is so beneficial to solution providers and enterprises operating in the cloud security space.

What is the Cloud Security Alliance?

Founded in 2008, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is an organization dedicated to identifying and communicating awareness of tools and best practices in ensuring a secure and scalable cloud security computing environment.

The CSA operates the CSA Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR). The STAR registry documents the security and privacy controls provided by popular cloud computing offerings. This publicly accessible registry allows cloud customers to assess their security providers in order to make the best procurement decisions.

They provide additional programs, road maps, and certifications, including the in-demand Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK).

CSA home page

The CSA is also highly-engaged with various industries, higher education, and government agencies in the research and development of programs, public events, and continuing education to help everyone maintain a stable cloud security ecosystem.

Education and resources for everyone working in cloud security

The CSA is actively involved in ongoing research and development and publicly shares its information to help drive adaptation and innovation in the always-evolving nature of cloud security.

They offer a wide array of resources including research publications, research working groups, open peer reviews, and research projects for EMEA and APAC.

In addition, they provide a resource center surrounding GDPR compliance.

CSA membership options

While the CSA offers publicly-accessible resources to the community, membership offers even more tools to help you remain at the forefront of cloud security technology and in educating and empowering your workers and users.

There are two main tiers for CSA membership:

CSA member levels

CSA membership for solution providers

As a company or organizational leader, you’re committed to both employing cloud security best practices, but also ensuring the ongoing education of your employees and users in ensuring optimal performance and security for everyone. You’re also a CCSK, which demonstrates your cloud expertise.

The CSA also holds an industry position unique in its brokering of trust between SaaS companies and their customers.

Benefits include:

  • Event sponsorship opportunities
  • Access to CSA webinar channels
  • Access to additional CSA resources you can use in your own reporting and educating while utilizing your brand
  • Executive briefings, engagement channels, and manage relationships with standards bodies
  • Access to briefings, tools, and promotional materials for your brand
  • Member discounts from Intrinsec for staff training

Get more information on membership details, including those for SaaS providers.

CSA membership for enterprises

The CSA’s Enterprise Membership program is designed for companies of any size, whether for startups or multinational entities.

Benefits include:

  • All of the benefits of membership for solution providers (see above)
  • Access to CSA certification training program
  • Industry collaboration sessions
  • Tools for due diligence
  • A seat on the cyber threat intelligence exchange

An enterprise-level solution for financial services is also available.

Get more information on membership details.

Take a Cloud Security Alliance course with us

As a trusted CSA training provider, we offer CCSK courses that are both in-demand and ideal for an evolving career in cloud security.

Or, get in touch with us for more information on our CSA-partnered courses, group discounts, and how Intrinsec can help you in your cloud security education.

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