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ISC2 CC One Million Campaign

ISC2 CC One Million Campaign: A Step Towards Solving the Cybersecurity Workforce Gap


The cybersecurity workforce gap is a serious problem that poses a significant threat to organizations of all sizes. Without enough qualified cybersecurity professionals, organizations are more vulnerable to cyberattacks. This can lead to data breaches, financial losses, and reputational damage. The ISC2 CC 1Million campaign aims to change this.


What is the CC One Million Campaign?


The International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC²) has launched a new campaign to help close the cybersecurity workforce gap. The One Million Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) campaign aims to provide free training and certification to one million people worldwide.


Yes. You read that correctly. Both the training and certification are absolutely free.


The CC certification is an entry-level certification that validates the skills and knowledge required for a career in cybersecurity. The certification covers a wide range of topics, including risk management, security assessment, and incident response.


The One Million CC campaign is open to anyone who is interested in a career in cybersecurity. There are no prerequisites for the training or certification.


The One Million CC campaign is a major step towards solving the cybersecurity workforce gap. By providing free training and certification, ISC² is making it possible for more people to enter the field of cybersecurity.


The campaign is also helping to diversify the cybersecurity workforce. ISC² is working with partner organizations to reach populations that are underrepresented in cybersecurity, such as women and minorities.


The One Million CC campaign is a significant initiative that has the potential to make a real difference in the cybersecurity landscape. By providing free training and certification, ISC² is helping to create a more skilled and diverse cybersecurity workforce.


Can My Company Benefit from This Campaign?


Is your company looking at transitioning employees into cybersecurity? Promotion of this (ISC²) campaign may be able to help you identify potential cybersecurity team members. Here are three ideas on how your organization can benefit from this campaign:


  • Create an awareness campaign within your organization that promotes this certification as a means to upskill with a potential career change to cybersecurity.
  • Create lunch and learn sessions with security team members acting as mentors
  • Create a more formal training program that starts with the CC certification.


About the Course Content


The training is divided into four modules:


Module 1: Introduction to Cybersecurity

Module 2: Risk Management

Module 3: Security Assessment

Module 4: Incident Response

Once you have completed the training, you can take the CC certification exam. The exam is 120 questions and must be completed in two hours.


About the ISC2 CC Exam

The CC Exam addresses the following domains:


Security Principles

Topics tested for this domain are:


  • Understand the security concepts of information assurance
  • Understand the risk management process
  • Understand security controls
  • Understand (ISC)² Code of Ethics
  • Understand governance processes


Business Continuity (BC), Disaster Recovery (DR) & Incident Response Concepts

Topics tested for this domain are:


  • Understand business continuity (BC)
  • Understand disaster recovery (DR)
  • Understand incident response


Access Controls Concepts

Topics tested for this domain are:


  • Understand physical access controls
  • Understand logical access controls


Network Security

Topics tested for this domain are:


  • Understand computer networking
  • Understand network threats and attacks
  • Understand network security infrastructure


Security Operations

Topics tested for this domain are:


  • Understand data security
  • Understand system hardening
  • Understand best practice security policies
  • Understand security awareness training


You can check out the domain contents and domain weightings by reviewing the exam outline here


When you pass the exam, you will be certified as a Certified in Cybersecurity (CC). The CC certification is valid for three years. This is a great first step in your journey to becoming a cybersecurity professional.



Next Steps


To participate in the One Million Certified in Cybersecurity program, access the ISC2 campaign page and follow these simple steps:


Create an account. If you already have an (ISC)² account, sign in.

Complete your (ISC)² Candidate application form and select Certified in Cybersecurity as your certification of interest.

Once the application is complete, you’ll become an (ISC)² Candidate. It’s free to join and you’ll gain access to Official (ISC)² Certified in Cybersecurity Online Self-Paced Training and a code to register for the free certification exam. You will find your access on the Candidate Benefits page.

Upon passing the exam, complete the application form and pay U.S. $50 Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF). Once completed you’ll become a certified member of (ISC)² – the world’s largest association of certified cybersecurity professionals – with access to a broad range of professional development resources to help you throughout your career.





The One Million CC campaign is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in a career in cybersecurity. It is also great for organizations looking to find current employees who would make excellent candidates to work in cybersecurity. The training is free and the certification is widely respected.

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