Secure the potential of your enterprise by focusing on the people within it.

Custom Training Material

We combine the goals and objectives of your enterprise with our experience, creating a training program that’s highly appropriate and second-to-none.

Step 1: You talk, we listen.

When a doctor diagnoses a patient’s problem, they usually start by asking questions—the same can be said for how we develop training material. Our people will ask specific questions to ensure we’re at a complete understanding with your enterprise and what you hope to achieve through our training. We will also want to know your thoughts on other training features; such as the preferred delivery method of training; how many people are going to attend; the ideal training date; and any other details your enterprise wants us to acknowledge.

Step 2: You wait, we create.

With your training objectives and overall learning preferences established in the previous step, we typically have everything we need for our people to start building your unique course. Our staff will be working around the clock to ensure your people receive the most appropriate solutions to achieve your security goals. In the event where you have an inquiry or ten, we ensure they receive our full attention by providing your enterprise with access to a full-time Intrinsec employee to help when needed.

Step 3: You learn, we deliver.

Step three (3) is where the magic happens. At this point in the content development process, your custom-course has been completed and we can deliver our training to you and your people! Our sole purpose in life, at least for this step, is to provide your enterprise with everything needed to achieve your desired outcome from training.

Step 4: You implement, we support.

We believe security is a continuous, 365-day commitment. Therefore, Intrinsec is committed to supporting both our enterprise clients and their employees. How? Unlimited support that doesn’t expire. Seriously. Every enterprise who chooses Intrinsec for their custom training project can provide their people with unlimited access to our instructors for comprehensive support and guidance on the content we provided training for. It doesn’t matter if it’s one month later, or five years, Intrinsec is here to make sure your people can continuously implement our solutions with the utmost confidence.

Private Training Delivery

Have confidence in the fact Intrinsec is North America’s most experienced cloud and cyber security training provider.

Trusted Solutions

Over 700,000 security-minded professionals have been served through the collective efforts of Intrinsec and our official partners. The courses we provide are globally recognized as the gold-standard for information security certifications, and Intrinsec’s the only training provider in North America who offers authorized training for them all.

Choose who, what, where, when, plus more!

Enterprise’s who work with Intrinsec can choose who will attend their training, what courses are being delivered to them, along with where and when it will happen. Why? Because we understand that convenience is almost as important as effectiveness—with Intrinsec you get both.

Volume-based Savings

Do you have a budget? Chances are you do, and if so, it doesn’t hurt to get more for less. While Intrinsec isn’t going to be a fit for every training budget in North America, that doesn’t mean we won’t offer competitive pricing. Just ask us about our volume-based savings and discover how much you and your people can save!

Consulting Services

Our security experts collaborate with businesses and teams,
when a second set of eyes are needed.

Cloud Security Preparation, Assessments & Seminars

Intrinsec provides the following services designed to greatly improve your enterprises probability of successfully migrating services and data to the Cloud.

Cloud Migration Assessment:

Hands-on analysis of existing infrastructure. Systems, data and processes for “Cloud Friendliness”. Recommendations on the systems to be migrated and a step-by-step plan to migrate to the cloud is performed.

Cloud Seminars:

Identifying the details an enterprise needs to plan their Cloud deployment. Common topics:

  • Cloud Computing Overview
  • Cloud Governance
  • Public vs. Private Clouds
  • Choosing a provider
  • Cloud Migration
  • Avoiding Vendor Lock-in
  • Virtualization Technologies
  • Privacy in the Cloud
  • Identity Management in the Cloud
  • Change Management in the Cloud
Cloud Security Preparation, Assessments and Seminars
Information Security Consulting

Information Security Consulting

Intrinsec can work with you and your people on the following:

  • Security as a Service (Advisory Services)
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Public Cloud Guidance
  • Private Cloud Implementation
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Virtualization
  • Identity Management Systems
  • Security Architecture
  • Audit Preparation for ISO 27001

Mentoring Services & Workshops

The goal for our workshops is simple; for you and your people to be trained on the implementation and/or operations of the security solution for your newest security procurement. Our people will work with your people to create a fully functional system that adheres to your security policy and is fully understood by employees.

Mentoring Services & Workshops

Our Resume

Through collaborative efforts with past customers, the cyber world we’re familiar with is a more secure place. We’re proud of this, and so are they.