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Cloud Governance Strategy Program

Does the cyber supply chain of your company account for the risks commonly associated with cloud adoption?

What is The Cloud Governance Program?

Your company’s adoption of cloud applications has lead to increased agility and speed to market, but it has also introduced significant risk to your enterprise. The truth is most companies have little control over cloud vendors, data location and the controls put in place to ensure all data is being properly secured per their policies.

The Cloud Governance Program is designed to unify three critical areas of your organization – (1) people, (2) processes and (3) technology – to ensure your cyber supply chain, along with the company itself, is protected from the risks of cloud adoption.

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How we can help

Through this engagement our experts will assist your enterprise in making an appropriate policy for the usage of any cloud system, while also assessing the current baseline of the cloud systems previously implemented by your people.

More importantly, this engagement will ensure a Cloud Governance Board is established within your enterprise and staffed with cloud aware employees who will ultimately protect your cyber supply chain moving forward.

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Download our paper Cyber Supply Chain: Risks and Solutions for Cloud Adoption

Beyond the issue of security, there are significant business risks associated with the cyber supply chain. While these risks may seem familiar to some and foreign to others, most would agree all 10 need to be acknowledged by any enterprise leveraging cloud systems.

Download our paper to learn the risks involved in cloud adoption on a cyber supply chain.


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