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The doctors of the training industry.

When dealing with a patient’s ailment it’s not uncommon for a doctor to start the diagnostic process by asking questions. The reason for this isn’t to break the ice, but to thoroughly gain more information about the patient, their condition, and make an appropriate diagnosis.

While we’re not medical professionals diagnosing a patient, our approach to developing custom course material is equally thorough and detailed. The methodical process we implement allows for our security professionals to better understand what makes your enterprise unique, along with the people within it, their current roadblocks and future goals. More importantly, we’ll be able to make an informed diagnoses and “prescribe” the most appropriate solution to cure your enterprise’s cyber security related ailment.

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What type of solution is best for you?

A solution for your people, processes and technology.

For us it all begins with your enterprise and the people within it. Because once we understand what makes your environment unique, we’re able to develop a training program that’s tailored to the exact measurements for the people, processes and technology of your enterprise.

A solution for a rapidly changing regulatory world.

Taking your particular requirements into account, from international laws to industry regulations, we develop timely and relevant material to get your people up to speed with the latest changes in a rapidly changing regulatory world.

A solution for all locations and environments.

Whether your course is delivered onsite at a preferred location, virtually, or even a combination of the two, our approach ensures the training your people receive is convenient and appropriate for all locations and environments.

A solution for life.

We believe security is a continuous, 365-day commitment. With that in mind, why should our training be any different?

In addition to your fully personalized course, the people we trained from your enterprise receive our full post-training support – for LIFE. If for whatever reason a staff member has trouble with the learning objectives of the courseware 5 weeks after training, or 5 years, we’ll bring them up to speed to ensure they continuously implement your solutions confidently and effectively.


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