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Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) Training Platform

On-demand, performance-based cybersecurity training for Enterprise

Integrated learning in an on-demand, self-paced environment

Always on and continually updated, the Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) Training Platform helps your employees build critical technical cyber security skills through hands-on, performance-based training.

In addition, our skills assessment component enables you to verify the technical competency of both existing employees and prospective new hires.

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Hands-on, practical training in a live and dynamic network environment

Employees go through complex cyber security scenarios based on recent, real-world scenarios and are given live incidents to detect and mitigate.

Every experience is performance-based

ISACA’s training platform is the first to offer performance-based evaluation and scoring of every effort.

Users are assessed in real time and receive their success metrics and continuing professional education credits at the end of each lab and course.

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Keep track of individual employee and team-level performance and progress with an administrator dashboard

Keep track of each employee’s progress and results for each course and lab with an administrator dashboard.

You can see each employee’s strengths and areas for improvement and direct training based on these insightful trackers.

CSX Training Platform Modules

Enterprise packages include labs, or labs + courses + assessment tool. CSX Practitioner Courses are available as a standalone offer, and the CSX Practitioner Exam can be added on to your package to help certify your team and validate technical skill and ability. Capture the flag scenarios will be available free.

Focused training courses

The training platform features a library of self-paced, virtual courses combining instructional lecture with hands-on lab work. Each course offers a focused, deep dive into a specialized area of cyber security and ranges in length from 2 to 16 hours. Courses are available at varying levels of complexity: Beginner, Practitioner, Advanced and Bridge to Security Management.

Practice labs

Like ISACA’s courses, Practice Labs focus on continuous training and skills development and vary by topic and complexity. All labs are graded to provide the user with an understanding of his/her strengths and areas for improvement, and enable the user to continue practicing particular tasks in the live lab environment. Labs are offered at four progressive levels: Beginner, Practitioner, Advanced and Comprehensive Scenarios.

Capture the flag scenarios

Frequent capture the flag scenarios will be added on an ongoing basis to help users sharpen their skills in friendly competition.

CSX certification prep courses

The enterprise training platform also includes virtual versions of ISACA’s in-person CSX Practitioner courses. Offering more than 3 weeks of comprehensive training, these courses combine instruction with hands-on learning and practice in applying basic concepts and industry-leading methods, and in utilizing a large array of open source tools within real-world scenarios in the live network environment. Each training option will help employees build the critical skills necessary to be successful in a variety of cyber security roles and to earn the CSX Practitioner certification.

Enterprise assessment tool

Exclusive to the CSX platform, the Enterprise Assessment Tool allows you to assess the technical abilities and current skill levels of both your current employees and potential hires. Each assessment provides an on-the-spot evaluation of an individual’s cyber strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to make informed hiring, promotional, and development decisions.

CSX platform modules

Learn more about CSX training for your organization

Download a few of our resources and watch this overview video for more information on how we can help your operation benefit from CSX training.

If you’re ready to get started, contact us to book your training session.

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"This training is one of the best I have attended and is even better than the other AWS or cloud classes we had been assigned to attend in the past."
IT Professional, Financial Services - Singapore #
"Awesome course....the hands on labs and the attention the instructor gave to each students questions and errors during the labs was a plus as well."
IT Security Analyst - USA #

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