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Team training delivers so much more than just education and certification, especially when team members are more remotely distributed than ever.

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Building a cohesive cybersecurity team

An in-person training session can deliver your company so much more than just education.

With so many companies going to a remote or hybrid office model, how do your team members work and play together…in other words, be a team?

Our team training is built to bring team members together and educate them with leading cybersecurity certification training.

cybersecurity team leader and her team

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Solutions that helps build strong, effective teams

Our team training courses are designed to help build upon both fundamental and advanced best practices and techniques in cloud and cybersecurity.

Our expert trainers are hands-on practitioners that can educate using real-world examples and use both theory and team-building exercises to close gaps in skill sets and maintain adherence to mandates while securing a highly-skilled, powerful cybersecurity workforce.

Choose from our selection of officially authorized certification courseware, delivered by vendor-approved trainers.

How our team training programs work

Our team training delivery is a powerful combination of asynchronous and synchronous training created to maximize results.

But wait, there’s more to our team sessions than theory and labs!

Step 1: Your company decides the location. Do you want the training session in your conference room, a nearby meeting center or in a resort as a special reward? Wherever you choose, we’ll make it happen. We’ll deal with all the event logistics as needed, we can even arrange for your team’s travel and lodging.

Step 2: Your team is given early access to course material in advance of the training session. They self-study, but have access to their instructor to address any questions. This ensures all members are well prepared for a successful training session.

Step 3: The course is delivered in person. Depending on the course, this can range from 2 to 5 days. The session goes well beyond the course. Evening team-building activities are arranged for your team. This could be anything you want, from dinners at leading restaurants to attending local events. We will arrange everything. Your team members just have to join the fun.

Step 4: Our Post-class Concierge Services are meant to maximize certification rates. We can take care of the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits for your team members by submitting on their behalf for ISC2 CPEs. We can supply certification exam “tokens”, help employees find available test center locations and arrange for their exam time.

Step 5: Continued Instructor Support. Through emails, webinars and other means, students are supported in their learning through to passing their certification exam. Students can access these resources after their exam to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in both cyber security and cloud security.

cybersecurity group training class

Group discounts for any sized class

Take advantage of our tiered discount vouchers for selected courses so you can train key experts on your team, or your entire department.


Our discount program applies to all team training for courses approved by our official vendors: Cloud Security Alliance, ISC2, ISACA, EC-Council, CompTIA, and more.

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"This training is one of the best I have attended and is even better than the other AWS or cloud classes we had been assigned to attend in the past."
IT Professional, Financial Services - Singapore #
"Awesome course....the hands on labs and the attention the instructor gave to each students questions and errors during the labs was a plus as well."
IT Security Analyst - USA #

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