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Partner FAQ

Interested in becoming a partner? Here are answers to some common questions about partnership with Intrinsec and how we can help you promote and grow your own cloud and cybersecurity training offering.

What do I need Intrinsec for? What’s in it for me and my course?

Intrinsec has been delivering cybersecurity training for over a decade. Our client list is extensive and we have thousands of security professionals on our site monthly. Your course generates passive income, or you can deliver the material yourself.

My course is focused on Cybersecurity. Is this something Intrinsec can add?

Absolutely! We are solely focused on cybersecurity training. We would love to discuss your course with you.

My course is for Project Management. Is this something Intrinsec can add?

Sorry, but we are dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity training. As such, we can’t promote your course at this time.

I have a custom workshop that I delivered for <company name>.

As long as you own the workshop’s intellectual property, we are very interested in having a talk. Note that if you created the workshop as part of full-time employment, you likely don’t have ownership of the IP.

Do I have to train the material myself?

No you don’t. As stated earlier, your course can be passive income for you.

What Subject Matter is Intrinsec most interested in?

Application security is top of mind for us right now.

I have my own courses and sell it myself. Can Intrinsec sell into my course?

We can, but we will need to audit the course ourselves before entering into such an arrangement. We do this to ensure our clients will be as delighted with your course as they are with our official training deliveries.

I run a consulting company. Why can’t I just run my own CISSP course for my clients?

There are a few reasons for teaming up with Intrinsec for a CISSP, or any other official training delivery. First, we have incredible authorized  trainers to deliver official training. Secondly, only official training providers can buy exam vouchers for students. A joint venture with Intrinsec allows you to fully outsource the training session, from on-boarding through to student certification exams.

I’m an authorized trainer. Is Intrinsec looking for new freelance trainers?

We’re always looking for freelance trainers. Let’s talk about you and why we are the best OTP to work with.

How do I make money partnering with Intrinsec?

That’s a discussion we’ll have. We can buy the courseware from you, or we could do royalties, or a combination of the two. There are so many variables that it is impossible to give you an answer without a discussion.

Is Intrinsec like Pluralsight or other on-line libraries of courses?

Not at all and frankly, we have no interest in pursuing that approach. Our focus in humans helping humans. Our video recordings are a value-add to our live instruction.

Have a question?

If you have any questions, please contact us or fill out our Partnership form to get the journey started!

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