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Duration: 3 Days CPE Credits: 21 Course Number: SEC-403
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About this Course

In its fifth version, the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) v5 has been fully revised to provide in-depth understanding of modern cloud components, state-of-the-art security best practices, and today’s cloud security realities, including AI. 


Already trusted by thousands of companies and cloud security professionals worldwide, the CCSK is the standard for cloud security expertise, offering a cohesive, vendor-neutral approach to securing cloud data. 

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Course Overview+ Show

The CCSK v5 Plus is delivered over 3 days by an Authorized Cloud Security Alliance Instructor.  The CCSK Plus includes a day of hands-on labs. 


CCSK v5 provides the essential knowledge cybersecurity professionals need to master. This body of knowledge includes the latest in cloud architecture, cloud native security, workloads, virtual networking, data protection, DevSecOps, Zero Trust, Generative AI and much more. The course covers the following 12 Domains:   


Domain 1| Cloud Computing Concepts and Architectures

Domain 2| Cloud Governance

Domain 3| Risk, Audit and Compliance

Domain 4| Organization Management

Domain 5| Identity and Access Management

Domain 6| Security Monitoring

Domain 7| Infrastructure and Networking

Domain 8| Cloud Workload Security

Domain 9| Data Security

Domain 10| Application Security

Domain 11| Incident Response and Resilience

Domain 12| Related Technologies and Strategies


The CCSK Plus builds on the Foundation lectures, (days 1-2) with a third day of training including expanded material and extensive hands-on labs.  Learners will be able to apply their knowledge by assessing, building, and securing a cloud infrastructure through the following exercises: 


Exercise 1 | Core Account Security

Exercise 2 | IAM and Monitoring In-Depth

Exercise 3 | Network and Instance Security

Exercise 4 | Encryption and Storage Security

Exercise 5 | Application Security and Federation

Exercise 6 | Risk and Provider Assessment Lab

What's Included+ Show

3 Days of CSA CCSK v5 Plus Training, Led by a Premier CSA Instructor  


  • Official CCSK v5 Student Training Guide 
  • Official CCSK Plus Risk Assessment Guide 
  • Instructor Guided AWS Hands-On Labs 
  • Self-Paced Azure Lab Instructions  
  • Class Recordings 
  • CCSK Chatbot * 
  • CCSK Exam Voucher **                                
  • Certificate of Completion                                                     

The Intrinsec Added Advantage           


  • CCSK Exam Support                                     
  • ISC2 Preferred Partner CPE Submission Program  
  • Post Class Instructor Email Support   
  • Education Guarantee ***                         

*The CCSK Chatbot is a unique tool to help professionals learn the body of knowledge as well as providing ongoing assistance in daily challenges with its unique interactive capabilities.


**Each Exam Voucher provides 2 attempts.  Should you not be successful on your first attempt, another will be credited to your CSA Exam Account.  Exam Vouchers have a 2-year expiration date and are non-transferable.  


**Education Guarantee– Intrinsec wants its candidates to successfully pass their exam and achieve their goal of earning the CCSK credential.  Included in your Training Seminar is Intrinsec’s Education Guarantee.  If you do not pass the exam after completing our Training, you can take a second course at no cost to you (within one year of taking the initial seminar).  The Education Guarantee covers the cost of the second seminar only.

Learning Objectives+ Show

The CCSK v5 has been revised to ensure that everyone, from senior leaders to technical practitioners, product managers, product marketers, and compliance managers can all obtain the vendor-neutral training and certification needed to demonstrate the latest cloud security knowledge, adding significant value to their companies and advancing their careers. 


  • Describe and define cloud computing concepts, establish baseline terminology, and detail overall controls, deployment, and architectural models.  
  • Focus on cloud governance, emphasizing security’s role and how enterprise governance aligns information and technology capabilities with business objectives.  
  • Address cloud security, risk, audit, and compliance, including evaluating cloud service providers and establishing cloud risk registries.  
  • Focus on managing your entire cloud footprint, including securing and validating service provider deployments.  
  • Focus on IAM between an organization and cloud providers or between cloud providers and services.  
  • Present unique security monitoring challenges and solutions for cloud environments, emphasizing cloud telemetry, management plane logs, service and resource logs, and the integration of advanced monitoring tools.  
  • Center on managing the overall infrastructure footprint and network security, including the CSP’s infrastructure security responsibilities.  
  • Focus on the related set of software and data units deployable on some type of infrastructure or platform.  
  • Address the complexities of data security in the cloud, covering essential strategies, tools, and practices for protecting data in transit and at rest.  
  • Explore the unique challenges and opportunities presented by application security in the cloud environment, from the initial design phase to ongoing maintenance.  
  • Focus on identifying and explaining best practices for cloud incident response and resilience that security professionals may reference when developing their own incident plans and processes.  
  • Introduce foundational concepts and focus on developing a strategic cybersecurity approach to Zero Trust and Artificial Intelligence. 

CCSK v5 also includes vital information about managing risks, achieving compliance, optimizing organizational cloud security strategies, and understanding the shared responsibility between the cloud provider and the cloud user. 

Concierge Service+ Show

Intrinsec’s Concierge Service focuses on you, providing a personalized human experience with one of our concierge representatives to ensure that you have a perfect experience from day one and beyond.


Not only will your representative reach out to you when you sign up, providing you with all the information you need, but they will also be on standby for any and all questions you may have.

After you have completed your class your concierge representative can provide you with relevant recommendations for upcoming events, discounts on training, and suggestions to help further your career.

Who Should Attend+ Show

CCSK v5 provides essential knowledge for all professionals who need to understand or play a role in securing their organization’s cloud assets.  Roles may include but not limited to: 


  • CISOs, CTOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, and Decision Makers 
  • Security Analysts, Engineers, Architects, and Administrators 
  • Cloud, Software, and Systems Engineers 
  • Sales and Solution Engineers 
  • Enterprise Architects 
  • Auditors and Compliance Managers 
  • Product Managers and Product Marketers 

The CCSK is designed to deliver a well-rounded view of cloud security, professionals with less experience or non-security backgrounds also find significant value in the training and certificate, particularly developers, IT operations, and audit/compliance. 

Common Questions+ Show

CSA Exam Upgrade Policy 

Recent CCSK Holders- Passed CCSK v4 between January 1, 2024, and July 9, 2024:   

  • A free single-attempt CCSK v5 upgrade token will be automatically distributed to those who passed their CCSK v4 exam between January 1, 2024, and July 9, 2024. 
  • An additional CCSK v5 exam token (2 attempts) can be purchased by recent CCSK holders for $395 before July 9, 2024 (saving $50). 

 Remaining Exam Attempts: 

  •  Any remaining attempts can be used for CCSK v5. 
  • Any remaining attempts can be used for CCSK v4 until January 1, 2026. 

 All Other CCSK Holders- Passed CCSK v4 or CCSK v3 prior to January 1, 2024:  

  • Option to purchase a single-attempt upgrade token for $70. 
  • An additional CCSK v5 exam token (2 attempts) can be purchased by CCSK holders for $395 before July 9, 2024 (saving $50). 

Read our Frequently Asked Questions page or simply send your questions to us directly via our Contact Us page or our Live Chat.


Q: Does Intrinsec send information on how I can access my Live Online CCSK Plus class before the training starts?
A: Yes. For Live Online training seminars we will typically send you an email 3 to 7 days in advance of your class starting date. This email will provide you with details on how you can gain access to your class, along with other relevant training information.

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