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The CCSK PLUS is a 3-day training program including all the materials in the CCSK Foundation lectures, with the addition of expanded materials and extensive hands-on labs.


Duration: 3 Days CPE Credits: 21 Course Number: SEC-304

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About this Course

The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) is widely recognized as the standard of expertise for cloud security and provides a cohesive and vendor-neutral understanding of how to secure data in the cloud.


The class starts off with a detailed description of cloud computing and business requirements (governance, risk management, compliance, and legal) based on standards such as NIST and ISO/IEC. The session then moves into more technical security issues such as encryption, Identity Management, assessment of Public and Private Clouds, securing corporate data in the public cloud, and securing private clouds.


The CCSK Plus builds on the Foundation lectures, (days 1-2 outlined above) with a third day of training including expanded material and extensive hands-on labs.  Learners will be able to apply their knowledge from the lectures by performing a series of exercises to bring a fictional organization securely into the cloud.


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Course Overview+ Show

Day 1-2 Lectures


Led by an Authorized instructor, learners will be guided through the Official CCSK courseware developed by the Cloud Security Alliance.   Courseware is comprised of the following six modules, encompassing the 14 Domains in the CSA Security Guidance v4.1 along with information on the Cloud Controls Matrix, and recommendations from ENISA.


  • Module 1 | Introduction and Cloud Architectures
  • Module 2 | Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing
  • Module 3 | Managing Cloud Computing Security and Risk
  • Module 4 | Data Security for Cloud Computing
  • Module 5 | Securing Cloud Applications and Users
  • Module 6 | Cloud Security Operations

Day 3 Labs


Students will spend most of their time assessing, building, and securing a cloud infrastructure through the following exercises:


  • Exercise 1 | Core Account Security
  • Exercise 2 | IAM and Monitoring In-Depth
  • Exercise 3 | Network and Instance Security
  • Exercise 4 | Encryption and Storage Security
  • Exercise 5 | Application Security and Federation
  • Exercise 6 | Risk and Provider Assessment Lab

What's Included+ Show

3 Days of CCSK Foundation Training, Led by a Premier CSA Instructor


  • Official CCSK Foundation Guide
  • Official CCSK PLUS Risk Assessment Guide
  • Official CCSK Training Pack
  • Instructor Guided AWS Hands-On Labs
  • Self-Paced Azure Lab Instructions
  • CCSK OnDemand Access Including:
  • 6 Hours of Pre-Recorded CCSK Foundation Lectures
  • 4 Hours of CCSK Exam Prep Videos
  • CCSK Practice Exam Generator with Explanations
  • CCSK Exam Voucher with 2 Attempts
  • Certificate of Completion


The Intrinsec Added Advantage


  • CCSK Exam Support
  • ISC2 Preferred Partner CPE Submission Program
  • Post Class Instructor Email Support
  • Education Guarantee

Each Exam Voucher provides 2 attempts.  Should you not be successful on your first attempt, another will be credited to your CSA Exam Account.  Exam Vouchers have a 2-year expiration date and are non-transferable.


**Education Guarantee- Intrinsec wants its candidates to successfully pass their exam and achieve their goal of earning the CCSK credential.  Included in your Training Seminar is the Intrinsec’s Education Guarantee.  If you do not pass the exam after completing our Training Seminar,  you can take a second course at no cost to you (within one year of taking the initial seminar).  The Education Guarantee covers the cost of the second seminar only. You will have to pay the full price for your additional exam attempts.


Learning Objectives+ Show

The CCSK gives a broad overview of cloud security and allows learners to gain critical insights into issues such as data security, key management, and identity and access management.


Earning the CCSK will provide the knowledge to effectively develop a holistic cloud security program relative to globally accepted standards.


  • The fundamentals of cloud computing, cloud architectures, service, delivery, and deployment models, and the role of virtualization.
  • The Data Security Lifecycle, data security issues with different delivery models, and managing encryption in the cloud.
  • Securing the core infrastructure for cloud computing, networks, management interfaces, and administrator credentials.
  • Federated identity, different IAM applications, secure development, and managing application security in and for the cloud
  • Risk assessment, governance, and key legal and compliance issues in the cloud such as discovery requirements
  • Key considerations for evaluating, selecting, and managing cloud computing providers, Security as a Service, and incident response
  • Understand cloud models and architectures, and how to apply the Shared Responsibilities model to building a cloud security program
  • Know the impacts of cloud computing on governance, legal, risk, and regulatory compliance
  • Learn to adapt existing security principles and practices for cloud deployments, including the impact of the cloud on all traditional security domains
  • Be able to practically apply the Cloud Security Alliance Security Guidance, Cloud Controls Matrix, and other research to a cloud security program
  • Securing the core infrastructure for cloud computing, networks, management interfaces, and administrator credentials
  • Build a security posture by securing software, data, and endpoints

Concierge Service+ Show

Intrinsec’s Concierge Service focuses on you, providing a personalized human experience with one of our concierge representatives to ensure that you have a perfect experience from day one and beyond.


Not only will your representative reach out to you when you sign up, providing you with all the information you need, but they will also be on standby for any and all questions you may have.

After you have completed your class your concierge representative can provide you with relevant recommendations for upcoming events, discounts on training, and suggestions to help further your career.

Who Should Attend+ Show

The CCSK enables everyone, from information security experts and CEOs to department managers and technical sales teams, the ability to utilize cloud services more securely and speak with confidence about cloud security concerns.


There is no official work experience required, however it is helpful for attendees to have at least a basic understanding of security fundamentals such as firewalls, secure development, encryption, and identity and access management.


  • Administrators- Security, IT Systems, Network, Database
  • Analysts- Security, Network, System
  • Engineers- Security, Network, System, Sales
  • Architects- Security, Enterprise, Cloud
  • Managers, Governance, Risk, Compliance
  • Security Consultants, Specialists
  • CISO
  • CTO

Common Questions+ Show

Any questions?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions page or simply send your questions to us directly via our Contact Us page or our Live Chat.


Q: Does Intrinsec send information on how I can access my Live Online CCSK Plus class before the training starts?
A: Yes. For Live Online training seminars we will typically send you an email 3 to 7 days in advance of your class starting date. This email will provide you with details on how you can gain access to your class, along with other relevant training information.

Upcoming Schedule

Jun 10 - 12, 2024 | Live Online

9:00am - 5:00pm EST

Graham Thompson

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Jul 8 - 10, 2024 | Live Online

9:00am - 5:00pm EST

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Jul 29 - 31, 2024 | Live Online

9:00am - 5:00pm EST

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Aug 26 - 28, 2024 | Live Online

9:00am - 5:00pm EST

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Sep 23 - 25, 2024 | Live Online

9:00am - 5:00pm EST

Graham Thompson

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Oct 28 - 30, 2024 | Live Online

9:00am - 5:00pm EST

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Dec 2 - 4, 2024 | Live Online

9:00am - 5:00pm EST

Graham Thompson

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