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Sample: CCSK Test Prep Program

  1. 1 Containers provide security isolation.

  2. 2 The Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) can be used to assess a Security as a Service provider.

  3. 3 What is the CSA term for something assigned to an entity within a given namespace?

  4. 4 Scoping and review tasks can be sped up by:

  5. 5 What is a Cloud Overlay Network?

  6. 6 What technology refers commonly to distributed collection, storage, and data-processing frameworks?

  7. 7 In IaaS, there are generally two macro layers to infrastructure, the raw, physical and logical resources to build resource pools and the virtual/abstracted infrastructure. Who manages each?

  8. 8 What can a cloud security process model be used for?

  9. 9 What is not a factor in Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)?

  10. 10 Which essential characteristic enables greater use of immutable infrastructure? (select the best answer)