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Cyber Supply Chain: Risks and Solutions for Cloud Adoption

Beyond the issue of security, there are significant business risks associated with the cyber supply chain. While these risks may seem familiar to some and foreign to others, most would agree all 10 need to be acknowledged by any enterprise leveraging cloud systems.

We keep hearing how the cloud is so much safer than what we mere mortals could possibly achieve given the limited resources we have compared to the computing behemoths in Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Overwhelmingly, executives of all stripes have swallowed this mantra hook, line and sinker.

Truth be told there’s two types of cloud providers: (1) established vendors with billions in market capitalization and (2) providers operating from their basement living on instant ramen while hosting your data in someone else’s data center.

Do you associate with firms like the latter in your supply chain, or just your cyber supply chain?

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