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Signs That Your Online Security Has Been Compromised

by News | November 11, 2019 | News

In today?s age, cyber security is more important than ever. Compromised information can mean that a third party has access to your emails, passwords and credit card information among many other things. Unfortunately, many people cannot identify the signs of their online security being compromised which is why we here at Intrinsec Security want to help identify those signs:

Emails In Your Send Box That You?ve Never Sent
It?s a good idea to be aware of your sent email folder, rather than just your inbox. This is because your sent email folder can be one of the first identifying factors that your online security is compromised. When checking your sent folder, keep an eye out for emails that look suspicious. If there are emails in there that you did not send yourself, then there is a good chance that your security is compromised.

Unauthorized Online Purchases
One of the biggest fears when it comes to online security is the fact that a stranger may have access to your banking information / credit card information. If this happens, it means that the stranger will also have access to your funds and be able to make purchases.

Keep a very close eye on your bank statements if you?re doing online shopping or online banking on a regular basis. If you see any unauthorized purchases taking place it?s time to take immediate action. Change all of your passwords, cancel your credit card and of course notify your bank about the situation taking place!

Mystery Programs
When browsing your desktop, it?s important to know which programs are installed. If one day you are using your PC and notice that there is a program installed that wasn?t there before, it may mean that your security is compromised. This is because often times malicious software can be disguised as an everyday program or file. If you?re unsure of a file, always err on the side of caution!

Your Passwords Have Changed
Forgetting a password for a website or program that you haven?t logged into in a while is normal, however what isn?t normal is being locked out of multiple websites and programs – especially if their sites that you log into regularly! If this is an issue you?ve run into, it?s a sign that your website security is compromised and you?ve likely fallen for a scam email where you placed your password. Many of us use the same password for everything we log into so once they have that password they may very well have access to all of your accounts!

Cyber security is not something that should be taken lightly in 2019. It?s important that your protect your business from people who are after your information and by identifying if your security has been compromised, you will be in a better position to quickly take action.? Are you a cybersecurity or cloud security professonal interested in learning more? Take a look at our training options and upcoming in-person and online courses.


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