CCSK Foundation: Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge


Duration: 2 Day
CPE Credits: 14
Course Number: SEC-304F

This CCSK Foundation training seminar is a 2-day, 14 CPE course offered to you by Intrinsec Security – an official CCSK Training Partner of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

CCSK Foundation Training Information
Course Overview

The CCSK training program is often the first choice for professionals who are interested in validating their overall competencies in cloud security and gaining a better understanding of the security factors that are commonly associated with cloud computing. Intrinsec’s CCSK Foundation training will help you accomplish this, and then some.

Intrinsec’s 2-day CCSK Foundation class will help you successfully prepare for the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) exam. Our authorized instructor will guide you through the official courseware that Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has developed for this class. The courseware covers all major domains in the CSA Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing document, along with the ENISA whitepaper. You also receive lifetime access to a number of exclusive self-paced resources, allowing you to continue studying online whenever or wherever it’s convenient.

In addition to helping students prepare for the CCSK exam, this class will also help students gain practical skills and knowledge that’s transferable to the real world. Successful students will gain the ability to determine if a cloud computing environment has been implemented responsibly and with the appropriate security controls. In short, you will be able to leave this class with the ability to properly design, build, and maintain a secure cloud computing environment in a business setting.

This course includes one exam voucher for the most current version of the CCSK exam.

Your Registration Includes

Did you know when you register for one of our Live Online CCSK Foundation training seminars you can re-sit the class again on a separate date? Yes, you can re-sit this class for free. Here’s the full list of what’s included with your registration:

  • 2 Days of CCSK Training from an Authorized Cloud Security Alliance Instructor
  • Official CCSK Foundation Student Handbook (hard copy)
  • 1 Training Voucher to Re-sit the CCSK Foundation class (for Live Online classes only)
  • 1 CCSK Exam Voucher + 1 Re-Attempt Exam Voucher
  • Exclusive CCSK On-Demand Resources
    • Intrinsec CCSK Student Training Pack *LIFE*
    • CCSK Audiobooks *LIFE*
    • CCSK Video Library *LIFE*
    • CCSK Practice Exam Generator *LIFE*
    • Post-Training Access to Your CCSK Trainer for 1-on-1 Exam Review Mentoring

*LIFE* = You gain instant online access to this resource for LIFE after registering for any of our publicly scheduled course dates (click here to view dates).

What You Will Learn

This class will review key CCSK exam topics, such as the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing and the ENISA whitepaper.

All of the CCSK exam domains are split into the following six modules, ensuring students can successfully prepare for the exam while also enhancing their overall competencies in cloud security.

  • Module 1: Introduction and Cloud Architectures
  • Module 2: Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing
  • Module 3: Cloud Platform Infrastructure Security
  • Module 4: Data Security for Cloud Computing
  • Module 5: Securing Cloud Applications and Users
  • Module 6: Selecting Cloud Services

Module 1: Introduction and Cloud Architectures

Introduction and Cloud Architectures is the first module reviewed during Intrinsec’s official CCSK training program. The content within Module 1 primarily focuses on four critical areas of cloud security: (1) NIST Definitions, (2) Cloud Essential Characteristics, (3) Service Models, and (4) Deployment Models.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Define Cloud Computing and Why You Care About It
  • Discuss the Different Components of the Cloud Computing Stack
  • Work Through the Cloud Reference Model and Understand where Security Fits In

Module 2: Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing

During the second module of this course, Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing, students discuss and review the following areas of cloud security: (1) Securing Base Infrastructure, (2) Management Plane Security, (3) Securing Virtual Hosts and Networks, and (4) IaaS, PaaS & SaaS Security.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the Components of Cloud Infrastructure
  • Assess the Security Implications of Different Deployment Models
  • Learn the Security Advantages and Disadvantages of Working with Virtual Infrastructure
  • Evaluate How to Secure the Cloud Management Plane
  • Learn the Security Basics for the Difference Service Models

Module 3: Cloud Platform Infrastructure Security

The key areas of focus for Module 3 of this training program are the following: (1) Risk and Governance, (2) Legal and Compliance, (3) Audit, (4) Portability and Interoperability, (5) Incident Response and more.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze Risk Management Frameworks
  • Understand Ad-hoc Risk Management without Frameworks
  • Review Jurisdictions, Contracts and Artifacts
  • Understand Audit Plans and Assurances
  • Minimize Disruption of Service
  • Keep Control of Intellectual Property
  • Understand How Incidents Change in Cloud
  • Defining Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Module 4: Data Security for Cloud Computing

In Module 4, Data Security for Cloud Computing, students can expect to focus on the following areas: (1) Cloud Data Architectures, (2) Data Security Life-cycle, (3) Information Governance, (4) Data Security and Encryption, and (5) Data Loss Prevention.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Different Cloud Storage Models
  • Define Security Issues for Data in the Cloud
  • Introduce Data Security Life-cycle
  • Introduce Cloud Security Issues, and Specific Controls to Address Security and Governance
  • Apply Life-cycle to Use Cases
  • Discuss Data Encryption

Module 5: Securing Cloud Applications and Users

In Module 5 the key areas of focus are: (1) Application Security and (2) Identity and Access Management.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Define Application Architecture, Design, and Operations Lifecycle
  • Discuss Impact on SDLC
  • Examine Application Security Tools and Vulnerability Management Processes that Address Certain Key Cloud Application Security Issues
  • Discuss Role of Compliance in Cloud Applications

Module 6: Selecting Cloud Services

The key areas of focus for the sixth and final module of our CCSK Plus course are the following: (1) What to Look for in a Cloud Provider and (2) Security as a Service.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Enabling the Security Strategy
  • Things to Look for in a Cloud Provider
  • Security as a Service (SECaaS): Advantages, Concerns, and Difference SECaaS Services
  • Summary and Review



The intended audience for our CCSK Foundation training is those who are interested in learning more about cloud computing and security, along with IT professionals hoping to obtain the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) credential.

  • Professionals interested in obtaining the CCSK credential
  • IT Security Professionals
  • IT Auditors
  • Managers, Directors and Executives
  • System Architects
  • Cloud Specialists
  • Compliance Specialists
  • Risk Specialists
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Unit Stakeholders

The instructor that will be working with you in this course is Graham Thompson, Intrinsec’s principal cloud security trainer. Graham has over 20 years of IT experience and has successfully competed a variety of cloud security projects for the following organizations:

  • A Global Financial Institution with over $4T in assets under management
  • A Global Retailer listed on Nasdaq with over 7000 stores
  • Telecommunication company traded on NYSE
  • Global Consultancy Firm
  • Leading K-12 education company
  • Global Conglomerate traded on NYSE
  • AgTech (note from Graham: way cooler than you’d think!)
  • Financial Institution traded on NYSE
  • Telecommunication company traded on Nasdaq

In addition to the above, Graham has delivered cloud security training to employees representing over 100 leading firms with fantastic feedback and many internal recommendations from clients.

Prior to migrating his career to the cloud, Graham served as a senior security architect for several Federal Government departments and other enterprise-sized clients.

Graham holds his CISSP, CCSK, CCSP (co-authored) and an embarrassingly long list of designation letters that may or not be retired by now.

TL;DR: When it comes to cloud security Graham knows his stuff.


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