CCSK PLUS: Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge


Price: USD $1,995.00
Duration: 3 days
CPE Credits: 21
Course Number: SEC-304

This Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge Plus (CCSK PLUS) training seminar is a three (3) day, 21 CPE course offered to you by Intrinsec Security – an official training provider of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).


The CCSK PLUS training program is a cloud security knowledge and development course focusing on a wide range of foundational cloud security topics. Students attending this course will learn about cloud computing and the security aspects needed to be addressed prior to deployment of any system in a public or private cloud. Much like the certification exam, this course provides students with a heavy dosage of the CSA Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing V3 and the ENISA report “Cloud Computing: Benefits, Risks and Recommendations for Information Security”. In addition, the material that our authorized CCSK instructors cover is reinforced with numerous hands-on activities and practical exercises.
Since the CCSK was first released in 2010, Intrinsec has worked with hundreds of security-minded individuals and enterprises alike to develop their professional abilities in the space of cloud security and obtain the CCSK certification issued by Cloud Security Alliance. Because of this, we’re one of the most trusted CCSK training providers around the globe, being the only official Training Partner of Cloud Security Alliance that’s servicing both Canada and the United States in addition to providing students with any form of post-training support.

Outline & Objectives

Intrinsec’s CCSK PLUS course outline has a total of six modules. The course material covers the body of knowledge for the CCSK examination – CSA Security Guidance (V3) and the ENISA report.

Additional information on this official CCSK course and the modules within it can be found in this section.

Module 1: Introduction and Cloud Architectures

This official CCSK training seminar begins with students reviewing the first module, otherwise known as Cloud Architectures. The content reviewed here focuses on four distinct areas of cloud security: (1) NIST Definitions, (2) Cloud Essential Characteristics, (3) Service Models, and (4) Deployment Models.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Define Cloud Computing and Why You Care About It
  • Discuss the Different Components of the Cloud Computing Stack
  • Work Through the Cloud Reference Model and Understand where Security Fits In

Module 2: Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing

During the second module of this course, Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing, students discuss and review the following areas of cloud security: (1) Securing Base Infrastructure, (2) Management Plane Security, (3) Securing Virtual Hosts and Networks, and (4) IaaS, PaaS & SaaS Security.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the Components of Cloud Infrastructure
  • Assess the Security Implications of Different Deployment Models
  • Learn the Security Advantages and Disadvantages of Working with Virtual Infrastructure
  • Evaluate How to Secure the Cloud Management Plane
  • Learn the Security Basics for the Difference Service Models

Module 3: Cloud Platform Infrastructure Security

The key areas of focus for Module 3 of our CCSK Plus training seminar are: (1) Risk and Governance, (2) Legal and Compliance, (3) Audit, (4) Portability and Interoperability, (5) Incident Response and more.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze Risk Management Frameworks
  • Understand Ad-hoc Risk Management without Frameworks
  • Review Jurisdictions, Contracts and Artifacts
  • Understand Audit Plans and Assurances
  • Minimize Disruption of Service
  • Keep Control of Intellectual Property
  • Understand How Incidents Change in Cloud
  • Defining Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Module 4: Data Security for Cloud Computing

In Module 4, Data Security for Cloud Computing, students can expect to focus on the following areas: (1) Cloud Data Architectures, (2) Data Security Life-cycle, (3) Information Governance, (4) Data Security and Encryption, and (5) Data Loss Prevention.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Different Cloud Storage Models
  • Define Security Issues for Data in the Cloud
  • Introduce Data Security Life-cycle
  • Introduce Cloud Security Issues, and Specific Controls to Address Security and Governance
  • Apply Life-cycle to Use Cases
  • Discuss Data Encryption

Module 5: Securing Cloud Applications and Users

In Module 5 the key areas of focus are: (1) Application Security and (2) Identity and Access Management.

CCSK Learning Objectives:

  • Define Application Architecture, Design, and Operations Lifecycle
  • Discuss Impact on SDLC
  • Examine Application Security Tools and Vulnerability Management Processes that Address Certain Key Cloud Application Security Issues
  • Discuss Role of Compliance in Cloud Applications

Module 6: Selecting Cloud Services

The key areas of focus for the sixth and final module of our CCSK Plus course is the following: (1) What to Look for in a Cloud Provider and (2) Security as a Service.

CCSK Learning Objectives:

  • Enabling the Security Strategy
  • Things to Look for in a Cloud Provider
  • Security as a Service (SECaaS): Advantages, Concerns, and Difference SECaaS Services
  • Summary and Review

What Comes With Registration?

Students who register for this official CCSK PLUS training seminar are provided with the following resources and features:

  • Three days of Offical Cloud Security Alliance Training From an Authorized CCSK Instructor.
  • Official CCSK Student Handbook
  • Official CCSK PLUS Risk Assessment Handbook
  • Access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for In-Training Practical Exercises
  • Post-Training Support: CCSK Content Specialists Available for Study Help
  • CCSK Test Prep Program: Randomized Practice Exams with +200 Questions
  • CCSK Guidance V3 Video Library (+6 hours of video review)
  • Two (2) CCSK Certification Exam Tokens

CCSK Prerequisites

Anyone interested in this official CCSK training seminar can register and attend.

However, since this course focuses on the relationship between cloud computing and IT security, we recommend for all prospective students to have a basic understanding of IT security.

“Intrinsec Security is one of CSA’s most experienced CCSK training providers, and they’ve certainly contributed to the progress of CSA’s mission in delivering the best practices for security assurance within cloud computing.”


Jim Reavis

CEO of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

Why Intrinsec?

CCSK Study Help and Support that Doesn’t Expire

Students can ask our CCSK trainer an unlimited amount of study-related questions surrounding the body of knowledge for the CCSK examination. Whether you prefer communicating via email or live video chat, our post-training support ensures all questions receive an answer!

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