Cloud Security Fundamentals


Duration: 2 days
CPE Credits: 14
Course Number: SEC-331
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Cloud Security Fundamentals is a two day, 14 CPE training seminar offered to you by Intrinsec Security.

Course Introduction

Cloud Security Fundamentals is the ideal entry-point for professionals and enterprises interested in enhancing their understanding of cloud security. You will learn about the relationship between cloud computing and cloud security, while also discovering a number of best practices commonly utilized by companies who are actively assessing cloud technologies.

Additionally, you will learn to analyze governance challenges in the cloud, ranging from jurisdictional issues, vendor selection and assessing the outsourcing chain through investigating the various compliance standards often used by cloud service providers. Cloud Security Fundamentals will finish-up with a high-level discussion about the available technologies and tools available to streamline IT and address security issues with cloud computing.

Course Outline

Cloud Security Fundamentals focuses on getting students up to speed with the principal cloud security concepts, standards, guidelines, practices and more!

  • Domain 1: Cloud Computing Overview
  • Domain 2: Cloud Security Overview
  • Domain 3: Secure Practices for Cloud Adoption
  • Domain 4: Vendor Selection Process
  • Domain 5: Compliance Standards and Cloud Services
  • Domain 6: IT Resources and Addressing Cloud Security

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