Securing Amazon Web Services


Duration: 2 days
CPE Credits: 14
Course Number: SEC-316

Securing Amazon Web Services is a two day, 14 CPE training seminar offered to you by Intrinsec Security.

Securing Amazon Web Services Training Information

The Securing Amazon Web Services course is a professional development training seminar?designed to equip students and enterprises with the professional ability?to properly and securely utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS). Those who register for the Securing Amazon Web Services training seminar?will examine the various available security offerings within AWS, their purposes and finally, implementation of controls within their cloud environment.

This course provides students with?a heavy dosage of lectures, group discussions, and practical exercises; all of which were?developed into the course?to ensure?students?have?a few?different opportunities?to absorb key messages and learning objectives. Successful students of this course will leave our training with the knowledge and skills to properly implement?security within an AWS infrastructure.

Your Registration Includes

Your Securing Amazon Web Services registration includes:

  • 2 Days of Securing Amazon Web Services Training
  • Hands-On AWS Exercises
  • 14 CPE
What You Will Learn

This course has a total of nine domains designed to instruct students on how to properly utilize Amazon Web Services (SAWS) in a secure manner.

Domain 1: Identity and Access Management
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Identity and Access Management
  • Root Account Security
  • Best Practices for Multi-Factor Authentication
  • IAM User Accounts
  • Auditing Accounts and Permissions
  • Server Roles
  • IAM Policy Development

Domain 2: Encryption at Rest
  • Options for Encryption of Data at Rest
  • Provider Managed Encryption
  • Customer Managed Encryption

Domain 3: Network Security
  • Security Groups + Network Access Control List (NACL)
  • Security Group Features and Limitations

Domain 4: Infrastructure Security
  • Managing AWS Security
  • Using APIs (Application Programming Interface) to Secure your AWS Implementation
  • Securing AWS Infrastructure using CLI (Command-Line Interface) Tools
  • API and CLI Scripting
  • API Security

Domain 5: Instance Security
  • Instance Security
  • Patch Management of Cloud Servers
  • Host-Based vs. Network Based Controls

Domain 6: Logging & Monitoring
  • Assessing with Cloudtrail and Cloud Watch
  • Integrating Cloudtrail with SIEM

Domain 7: Incident Response
  • Incident Response (IR) in AWS
  • Implementing IR Best Practices

Domain 8: Availability
  • High Availability in AWS
  • Leveraging Availability Zones and Regions for High Availability
  • Implementing Elastic Load Balancing

Domain 9: Virtual Private Cloud Architecture
  • Scaling Services Using AWS Tools
  • Security Service Enhancements Available in Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Architecting Secure Development Enclaves using VPC?s
  • Architecting VPC Networks
  • Creating Secure Datacenter Extensions

The Securing Amazon Web Services course is intended for professionals who are involved with Amazon Web Services within their enterprise.

  • IT Security Professionals
  • IT Auditors
  • Managers, Directors, and Executives
  • System Architects
  • Compliance Specialists
  • Risk Specialists
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Unit Stakeholders

The instructor that will be leading your CCSK training is Graham Thompson, Intrinsec’s principal cloud security trainer. Graham has over 20 years of IT experience and has successfully competed a variety of cloud security projects for the following organizations:

  • A Global Financial Institution with over $4T in assets under management
  • A Global Retailer listed on Nasdaq with over 7000 stores
  • Telecommunication company traded on NYSE
  • Global Consultancy Firm
  • Leading K-12 education company
  • Global Conglomerate traded on NYSE
  • AgTech (note from Graham: way cooler than you’d think!)
  • Financial Institution traded on NYSE
  • Telecommunication company traded on Nasdaq

In addition to the above, Graham has delivered cloud security training to employees representing over 100 leading firms with fantastic feedback and many internal recommendations from clients.

Prior to migrating his career to the cloud, Graham served as a senior security architect for several Federal Government departments and other enterprise-sized clients.

Graham holds his CISSP, CCSK, CCSP (co-authored) and an embarrassingly long list of designation letters that may or not be retired by now.

TL;DR: When it comes to cloud security Graham knows his stuff.


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