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Live, online Training

Intrinsec’s Live OnLine training method is a virtual learning platform utilized by students and enterprises across North America. From the convenience of their home, workplace, or anywhere with an internet connection, students are able to discover cyber security concepts and practices, participate in hands-on exercises, and ask the questions they need answers to?all virtually, in real time.

Eliminate Travel Expenses

Travel Expenses? Yuck. Thanks, but no thanks. Intrinsec’s Live OnLine training allows for you to attend our training seminars from any location of your choosing, assuming there’s internet access of course.

Have More “me” Time

It’s a simple really, if you spend less time traveling to your next training event, you’ll have more time for the things in life you truly care about. So for those of you looking for a way to attend a course while also spending more time with family or friends, this is it!

On-demand Training

Our on-demand training is a virtual, self-paced training platform utilized by students and enterprises looking to gain the same knowledge and skills found in our instructor-led courses, but with the added flexibility of deciding when the training happens along with the pace of the course. This means our OnDemand courses are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and aren’t bound to a traditional schedule. Anyone with internet access can take advantage of Intrinsec’s OnDemand courses!

Hectic Schedule? No problem!

OnDemand training allows for you to participate in courses designed to fit your schedule ? not the other way around. Students decide when their training begins, breaks, or finishes for the day. Not to mention, you’ll have complete control over the pace of your training; go through course material as slowly, or quickly, as desired!

Learn More For Less

Just like our Live OnLine training, OnDemand courses can be accessed anywhere with an internet access. This allows students to complete their training from any location of their choosing and eliminating any costs commonly associated with traveling?plane tickets, car rentals and hotel arrangements.

On-site Team Training

Intrinsec’s OnSite team training can be a great choice for teams and enterprises interested in validating their people’s level of confidence, qualifications and commitment to both cloud security and cyber security. We can provide you with our training at a location of your choosing, virtually over the internet (Live OnLine), or both!

Whether it?s 25 hand-picked employees, or an entire department of 250, our OnSite team building experience provides professionals across Canada and the United States with private training on a regular basis to ensure their people receive the most effective and convenient training on the market. If interested, we encourage you to contact us or browse our enterprise section of the website to learn more about the services we provide.

Get Everyone On The Same Page

From new graduates to professionals with over 20 years of experience, OnSite training ensures everyone is on the same page regarding security practices, standards, risks, and much more.

Increase Engagement and Productivity

Security-focused teams facing reoccurring roadblocks, uncertainties or challenges can increase their level of confidence and productivity with our specialized training that?s highly relevant and directly applicable to their area of work.

In-classroom Training

Intrinsec’s InClassroom training is a publicly available, in-person training method delivered in a classroom setting. It’s a popular choice for professionals who prefer the traditional face-to-face style of learning, yet they don’t have the minimum requirements for us to deliver our OnSite training at their place of work. Our InClassroom courses are held in various cities across the United States and Canada, while the specific locations for each course are determined on a course-by-course basis. Want Intrinsec to deliver training for a certain course in your city? Let us know and we’ll do our best!

Get Outta’ Dodge

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, get out of town or work, and recharge your hypothetical “me” batteries. With our InClassroom training, students can learn new concepts and practices in the day, while explore and relax at night. Train by day, tour by night!

Network, Share, and Learn!

Expand your network by meeting other like-minded professionals in the cloud or cyber security industry. You have the ability to share your background, thoughts on the lesson or training material, and of course, ask questions?all while learning from your peers as they do the same.

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