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CCSK: Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (On-demand)

For the IT professional interested in on-demand training for the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK), CCSK On-Demand is a self-paced learning resource that will give you online access to all of the tools you’ll need to pass the CCSK exam.

Avoid missing time at work due to instructor-led training and take advantage of Intrinsec’s proven online resources to successfully prepare for the CCSK exam, whenever or wherever you choose.

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Included in this course

Improved studying with exams, videos and more!

Your course page will contain a number of resources and features, all of which are designed to help with your training and prepare you for the CCSK exam. You can download your CCSK courseware or training pack, watch over 10 hours of collective CCSK video content, write multiple practice exams or even email your CCSK instructor to ask a study related question!

Over 10 hours of CCSK video content

With Intrinsec’s online CCSK videos you can now study for the CCSK exam whenever, or wherever, you want*. Collectively there’s over 10 hours of premium training videos for you to watch. All videos are available 24/7, with content ranging from CCSK Foundation class recordings to exam prep videos.
* Internet access is required to access your account and watch videos.

Practice exams with explanations and references

Included with your CCSK training program is Intrinsec’s exclusive CCSK Practice Exam Generator – a simulated exam environment designed to randomly generate a practice test for every exam attempt. Each exam attempt offers immediate grading, along with a detailed explanation for each question and a reference to where the answer can be found in your course material.

About the Course+ Show

The CCSK On-Demand Bundle was built with the student in mind. For starters, your purchase doesn’t come with an expiry date! This means you have lifetime access to all of the materials you’ll need to make your life easier when preparing for the CCSK certification exam.

Exclusively focusing on key CCSK examination domains and objectives, the resources included with the CCSK On-Demand Bundle will improve how you study, eliminate wasted time spent on irrelevant content, and provide you with the ability to study for as long as you need to ensure you’re ready for the CCSK exam.

What you get+ Show

Your CCSK Foundation registration includes the following:

  • Official CCSK Foundation Student Handbook
  • 1 CCSK Exam Voucher + 1 Re-Attempt Exam Voucher
  • Over 10 hours of CCSK video content accessible via your provided student account, you can conveniently watch over 10 hours of videos focusing on preparing you for the CCSK. Whether it’s CCSK class recordings or our exam-prep videos, grab the popcorn and dim the lights!
  • CCSK practice exams accessible via your provided student account, Intrinsec’s simulated exam environment offers you thousands of unique practice exam variations to help reinforce your understanding of the CCSK material; each exam attempt will provide you with randomized questions for every major CCSK exam domain.

NOTE: The included resources for this course are up-to-date and will prepare you for the most current version of the CCSK exam (Version 4).

Course Syllabus+ Show

This class will review the key topics found on the most current edition of the CCSK exam (version 4). These topics include all of the major domains from the updated Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing and the ENISA whitepaper.

All of the CCSK exam domains are split into the following six modules, ensuring students can successfully prepare for the CCSK exam while also enhancing their overall competencies in cloud security.

  • Module 1: Introduction and Cloud Architectures
  • Module 2: Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing
  • Module 3: Managing Cloud Computing Security & Risk
  • Module 4: Data Security for Cloud Computing
  • Module 5: Securing Cloud Applications and Users
  • Module 6: Cloud Security Operations

Module 1: Introduction and Cloud Architectures

Introduction and Cloud Architectures is the first module reviewed during Intrinsec’s official CCSK Foundation training program. The content within Module 1 primarily focuses on four critical areas of cloud security: (1) NIST Definitions, (2) Cloud Essential Characteristics, (3) Service Models, and (4) Deployment Models.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Define cloud computing and why you care about it
  • Discuss the different components of the cloud computing stack
  • Work through the cloud reference model and understand where security fits in

Module 2: Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing

During the second module of this course, Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing, students discuss and review the following areas of cloud security: (1) Securing Base Infrastructure, (2) Management Plane Security, (3) Securing Virtual Hosts and Networks, and (4) IaaS, PaaS & SaaS Security.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the components of cloud infrastructure
  • Assess the security implications of virtual networks and workloads
  • Learn the security advantages and disadvantages of working with cloud infrastructure
  • Evaluate how to secure the cloud management plane
  • Learn how to manage business continuity for cloud computing

Module 3: Managing Cloud Computing Security & Risk

The key areas of focus for Module 3 of this training program are the following: (1) Risk and Governance, (2) Legal and Compliance, (3) Audit, and (4) Data Governance.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Tools of governance
  • Adjusting risk management for cloud computing
  • Legal: jurisdictions, contracts and eDiscovery
  • Compliance and compliance inheritance
  • Audit management for cloud computing
  • Information governance
  • Introduction to the CCM & CAIQ

Module 4: Data Security for Cloud Computing

In Module 4, Data Security for Cloud Computing, students can expect to focus on the following areas: (1) Cloud Data Architectures, (2) Data Security & Encryption, (3) CASB and Data Loss Prevention, and lastly (4) Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand different cloud storage models
  • Define security issues for data in the cloud
  • Assess the role and effectiveness of access controls
  • Learn different cloud encryption models
  • Understand additional data security options
  • Introduce data security lifecycle

Module 5: Securing Cloud Applications and Users

In Module 5 the key areas of focus are: (1) Application Security, (2) Identity and Access Management, and (3) Related Technologies.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how application security differs in cloud computing
  • Review secure software development basics and how those change in the cloud
  • Leverage cloud capabilities for more secure cloud applications

Module 6: Cloud Security Operations

The key areas of focus for the sixth and final module of our CCSK Foundation course are the following: (1) What to Look for in a Cloud Provider, (2) Security as a Service, and (3) Incident Response.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to select cloud providers
  • Understand the advantages & disadvantages of Security as a Service
  • Assess the different major Security as a Service categories
  • Learn how to respond to security incidents in the cloud
  • Understand the security issues of technologies related to cloud computing: Big Data, Mobile, Serverless, IoT

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“Our experience with Intrinsec was great, we received high-end training at a reasonable cost. If you’re looking for cloud security training, I’d recommend the Intrinsec team.” – Erin McLean, Herjavec Group

“Thank you Graham and Intrinsec for helping T-Mobile certify 26 CCSK professionals. We couldn’t have done it without your help.” – Wes Shriner, T-Mobile

“To get myself well steeped in CCSK concepts, terminology, and know-how, I recently took an online class (actually two back-to-back online classes) with an organization called Intrinsec.” – Featured on NETWORKWORLD.com

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