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Cloud GRC | Governance Risk Compliance Self-Paced

For the professional actively involved with IT-related audits or compliance, this on-demand course will review how to gain visibility on the cloud services being used inside your firm along with the practices you can implement to effectively assess both cloud services and providers.


You can learn all of this and more with Intrinsec’s self-paced, Cloud GRC | Governance Risk Compliance training. Avoid asking management for some time off to attend training and take advantage of the online resources for this course – whenever or wherever it’s convenient.

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About the Course+ Show

Cloud computing and the adoption of cloud-based systems have quickly gained the popularity of countless organizations and companies around the world. Yet with such rapid growth in cloud usage, many enterprises are still struggling to acknowledge how the cloud influences their entire organization from an audit and compliance perspective.
Focusing on how to audit, control, monitor, and assess these newly implemented IT and business systems are more important than ever as more and more organizations face foreign cloud challenges when trying to assess vulnerabilities, report on compliance issues, and establish internal controls.


The Cloud GRC | Governance Risk Compliance course reviews how to effectively and appropriately assess cloud computing services and providers. This course will also teach you how to assess your firm’s readiness to adopt cloud computing while providing additional instruction on how to monitor the usage of cloud services once implemented within your environment.

What's Included+ Show

The Cloud GRC | Governance Risk Compliance Self-Paced learning platform comes with the following features and benefits, all of which are designed to help you learn the domains and achieve the learning objectives of this course.


  • +5 hours of video content reviewing key audit and compliance topics and best practices for cloud computing
  • In-video practical exercises and solutions
  • 1-on-1 Instructor Access; personal mentoring and content review assistance
  • Online, 24/7 access for convenient studying.
  • Access to resources is non-expiring, and valid for life.

Course Syllabus+ Show

Cloud GRC | Governance Risk Compliance Self-Paced is an on-demand resource that covers key auditing and compliance concepts and best practices for cloud computing. The course is structured by the following domains:


  • Module 1 | Cloud Technology Baseline
  • Module 2 | Cloud GRC Overview
  • Module 3 | Compliance Certifications, Standards, and Frameworks
  • Module 4 | FedRAMP
  • Module 5 | Assessing Cloud Service Providers with CSA Tools
  • Module 6 | Governance and Security for SaaS Adoption
  • Module 7 | ISO 27017 and CIS Assessment Tools
  • Module 8 | CSP Tools for GRC
  • Module 8 | CSP Tools for GRC

What Others are Saying+ Show

“Cloud GRC | Governance Risk Compliance Self-Paced was great, far better than I had originally anticipated. The course material was highly practical and informative, while the instructor added tremendous value to the training by consistently linking the material to the experiences he gained from past consulting projects.” – Sandra Henry-Stocker, Featured on NETWORKWORLD.com

Who Should Attend+ Show

A certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge is recommended prior to attending this course.

Managerial, Expert. Participant profile includes IT Management and Staff looking to understand best practices for assessing cloud services.


  • Administrators- Security, IT Systems, Network, Database
  • Analysts- Security, Network, System
  • Engineers- Security, Network, System, Sales
  • Architects- Security, Enterprise, Cloud
  • Managers, Governance, Risk, Compliance
  • Security Consultants, Specialists
  • CISO
  • CTO
  • Director

Learning Objectives+ Show

  • Understand how traditional IT assessments differ from cloud based assessments
  • Understand the importance of seeking and obtaining compliance in public and private clouds
  • Learn to inspect cloud service providers with CSA tools
  • Learn to audit, control, monitor, and assess the cloud usage in your firm
  • Understand the importance of Governance and Assessment
  • Learn to analyze controls to support ISO 27017
  • and more…

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