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What CCSP certification means for your salary potential in 2021

by Graham Thompson | January 27, 2021 | Cloud Security

We recently wrote about some key reasons for obtaining your Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification, which includes the rise in demand for cyber security professionals who are trained in the one of most advanced cloud security certifications available today.

High demand also means a competitive salary, so the earning potential for CCSPs is definitely attractive for those looking to advance their career.

Here we’re going to take a quick look at what those salaries look like within the IT and cyber security space.

Being a CCSP means you’re in high demand

If your career is focused on security architecture, security administration, or security engineering in the cloud, being a CCSP is the best option when looking to advance your expertise.

Because of the high level of skill and knowledge required, being a CCSP means you’re the go-expert in all things cloud security. You have the ability to confidently manage and secure data in the cloud, including handling security infrastructure and working within cloud applications.

CCSPs are also on the forefront of emerging technologies, evolving best practices, and dealing with current, potential security threats.

As a result, this means your earning potential reflects the growing demand, the level of skills required, and the value you bring to your organisation in today’s data landscape.

What CSSPs can earn in 2021

We took some positions and their related salaries using data from Payscale to give some context as to what average salaries for CCSPs looks like compared to other, in-demand positions.

2021 ccsp salary comparison chart

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While no experience is required for Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) certification, CCSP certification is for experienced professionals in cloud security requiring at least five years of experience, including at least one year working in a cloud computing facility. Also, having your CCSK contributes one year of experience towards your CCSP certification.

Take the next step in your cloud security career with us!

Here at Intrinsec, our training programs are designed with your career advancement in mind, which includes CCSP certification courses and resources that helps give you a competitive edge amongst your peers.

Learn more about our CCSK and CCSP training or check out our schedule for upcoming course availability.


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